• TriPeaks Mania 2TriPeaks Mania 2
    Clear cards from the board as you would in classic TriPeaks, but the board makes all different shapes! Can you clear them all?

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your top 5 favorite games

  • Card Blitz 21Card Blitz 21
    Try to make each pile into twenty-one points! Work quickly to accumulate as many points as possible before time runs out!
  • Card QuestCard Quest
    Oh no, the king and queen have been trapped by the evil prince and it's up to you to save them! Travel the land challenging people to card games!
  • Dream SolitaireDream Solitaire
    Dive into a dreamy game of solitaire this way!
  • Tri Towers SolitaireTri Towers Solitaire
    Classic TriPeaks Solitaire with a royal twist! See if you can eliminate all the cards in the three towers!

additional favorite games

  • Coffee With ColorsCoffee With Colors
    Move each coffee cup to the saucer of the same color! Cups can only be moved along the lines connecting saucers, get them all where they belong.
  • Color CleanerColor Cleaner
    Clean the board of all the colored blocks! You have a limited number of clicks, so bring together like colors to make them disappear at once.
  • Crash the RobotCrash the Robot
    Carefully place the bomb in order to set of mechanisms which will crash the robot! Play 45 levels of physics-based puzzles!
  • Doodle BlastDoodle Blast
    Get as many balls into the box as you can by doodling lines for them to roll and bounce along! Block the balls in so they land in the box.
  • Energy PhysicsEnergy Physics
    Electrocute enemies while keeping friends safe! Connect to power-source to the enemies with metal pieces to give them a shock.
  • Gem BarrelsGem Barrels
    Collect all the gems, passing through each barrel only once! Time your shots to avoid moving obstacles along the way.
  • Gem Craft LabyrinthGem Craft Labyrinth
    Make your way through the labyrinth of attacking monsters! Defend your base against their attacks by using gems to create towers and traps.
  • Gem TraderGem Trader
    You have twenty days to repay your debt of $10,000 or you'll lose your house! Make the money by buying and selling gems, buy low, sell high!
  • Green Physics 2Green Physics 2
    Get the ball into the hole by clearing blocks of grass in order to roll or tap it in!
  • Jungle Tower 2Jungle Tower 2
    Carefully place the falling blocks to keep everything balanced. Plan ahead because there are always more blocks falling, don't know them over.
  • Ovr ShadeOvr Shade
    Move all the characters to their appropriately colored exit-doors! Be careful, they will fall through platforms of the wrong color!
  • Perfect Balance: Last TrialsPerfect Balance: Last Trials
    Perfect balance is back one last time! Balance shapes and then add gems for bonus points. Balance around bombs, moving blocks, and more!
  • Prizma Puzzle 3Prizma Puzzle 3
    Collect as many stars as you can while you move from node to node! Make sure you have enough energy to make it to the finish node!