• YukonYukon
    No need to bring out the deck of cards. This is a great solitaire game.

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your top 5 favorite games

  • Golf SolitaireGolf Solitaire
    Try to clear the board of cards in this version of Golf Solitaire! Be careful, every move you make effects the future of your game!
  • SolitaireSolitaire
    Classic Solitaire.
  • ThievesThieves
    Take this crazy card game for a ride and try to get all 7 of your decks down to only 1!
  • TriPeaksTriPeaks
    A neat little game that is quite challenging to clear. How many peaks can you clear before you lose. If you are good you will clear them all.

additional favorite games

  • Blackhole SolitaireBlackhole Solitaire
    This one takes solitaire to a new level, just try to clear all your cards!
  • Can You RecallCan You Recall
    How many times will it take you?
  • Card SweepCard Sweep
    Its like a matching game... only better. The more matches you make in a row the higher your score goes! See how long you can go!
  • Clear The PyramidClear The Pyramid
    Play cards Egyptian style in this take on solitaire. Pile up the cards for each suit to win!
  • Clock Patience SolitaireClock Patience Solitaire
    Take your time with this crazy solitaire game! See if you can uncover all the cards of each hour.
  • Crescent SolitaireCrescent Solitaire
    Try to get all the cards on the outside edges into the middle! If you get stuck, click the hint button or reshuffle the outside cards!
  • Dream SolitaireDream Solitaire
    Dive into a dreamy game of solitaire this way!
  • Free CellFree Cell
    If its not on your system you can play it here!