1A Swiss house with a sloping roof and wide eaves or a house built in this style (6)
5A place for public (especially Christian) worship (6)
10Two words that are pronounced or spelled the same way but have different meanings (7)
11Turn loose or free from restraint (7)
12Take or catch as if in a snare or trap (6)
15A person who captures and holds people or animals (6)
16Someone who has red hair (7)
17Acquire or deserve by one's efforts or actions (4)
18The colored part of the eye (4)
19A petroleum product used for fuel (4,3)
20Elegance by virtue of being fashionable (4)
22A group of countries in special alliance (4)
25A domestic fowl bred for flesh or eggs (7)
27A group of countries under a single authority (6)
28Grow teeth; cut the baby teeth (6)
31To awake again (7)
32One who loves and defends his or her country (7)
33Bright and pleasant; promoting a feeling of cheer (6)
34Another word for chromium when it is used in dyes or pigments (6)


2Short-tailed Old World burrowing rodent with large cheek pouches (7)
3Relating to, consisting of, or using lines (6)
4Overcome the wildness of; make docile and tractable (4)
5A close friend who accompanies his buddies in their activities (4)
6Take the load off (a container or vehicle) (6)
7Noisy talk (7)
8A solid food prepared from the pressed curd of milk (6)
9A group of people assembled to sing together (6)
13Fudge made with brown sugar and butter and milk and nuts (7)
14A bowl-shaped drinking vessel; especially the Eucharistic cup (7)
15A piece of furniture resembling a cupboard with doors and shelves and drawers; for storage or display (7)
20A red fruit with a single hard stone (6)
21Cast somebody out of public office (7)
23A soft silver-white univalent element of the alkali metal group (7)
24Boxes with a lids; used for storage; usually large and sturdy (6)
25Bring into existence (6)
26(classical mythology) the food and drink of the gods (6)
29Refuse to grant, as of a petition or request (4)
30A long narrative poem telling of a hero's deeds (4)

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