It's About Time


1Traditional division of year (6)
5Typically used to describe something that happens once a year (6)
10One who enters a competition (7)
11An area of high ground with a fairly level surface (7)
12The season when the leaves fall from the trees (6)
15Sharp piercing cry (6)
16Any unspecified person (7)
17Used for emphasis in indicating any time in the past or future (4)
18A male monarch or emperor (especially of Russia prior to 1917) (4)
19Mollusk with eight tentacles (7)
20Solid figure of six equal sides (4)
22The first light of day (4)
25Somebody who is hired to work as needed and is therefore paid by the day ( informal ) (3,4)
27Concludes something from reasoning (6)
28Not often (6)
31Avoidance of something unpleasant, especially a moral or legal obligation (7)
32Someone who has retired from active working (7)
33An indefinitely short time (6)
34The season of growth (6)


2To give somebody the right to have or to do something ( often passive ) (7)
3Painful and involuntary muscular contractions (6)
4A short personal letter (4)
5Mountain range in southern Europe (4)
6A subtle difference in meaning or opinion or attitude (6)
7Not growing old; not appearing to age (7)
8A period of 10 years (6)
9The warmest season of the year (6)
13Small V-shaped cuts in the edge or on the surface of something (7)
14Units of time that are equal to 1/60th of a minute (7)
15Sleeps lightly or for a short period of time (7)
20A series of musical notes sounded by a clock before striking (6)
21Large shaggy-haired brown bison (7)
23Metal supports for logs in a fireplace (7)
24Figure used in counting (6)
25Offering words of homage as an act of worship (6)
26Serve as a teacher or trusted counselor (6)
29Small biting fly (4)
30Distinctive periods of history (4)

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